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Casa Rio Blanco Ecolodge - Interior of the Cabins

interior of the cabin

Our cabins are perched on the edge of a 65-foot cliff. The fully screened fronts and large windows allow you to enjoy a panoramic view straight into the canopy and down to the Rio Blanco below. From the comfort of your cabin or relax in a hammock on your private porch enjoying the sights and sounds of the rainforest with great wildlife viewing opportunities. We are a birdwatchers paradise, with over 300 birds recorded here.

interior of the cabin

Our cabins are a wonderful blend with their warm interiors and the surrounding natural beauty. Hummingbirds hover and sloths hang from the trees in an emerald green maze of vines and flowers that surround you. The cabinas and rooms are beautifully decorated, very tropical, and yet very comfortable. All rooms have fans, pure mountain spring water, private baths with warm water showers and porches.

interior of the cabin

Cool evening breezes rich with exotic smells and soothing sounds of the river and insects make for a peaceful nights sleep. Enjoying the nocturnal wildlife and fireflies right from your bed! All cabins contains information booklets on frequently seen animals, legends of Costa Rica, night sounds, and many more containing interesting Rainforest facts and fiction.

interior of the cabin

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