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The Rainforest, Costa Ricans and the world's Ecosystem

About 20 to 30% of Costa Rica is protected by law as national park, refuges, and reserves. The protected areas represents most of Costa Ricans ecosystems. There seems to be a agreement among scientists that tropical rainforests cover about seven percent of the world's land area and contain more than half of all living animals and plants. It is estimated by the NAoS that by 2034, 50% of the remaining rainforests, the lungs of our planet, will be lost and around 2081 all the rain forests will be gone. Some tropical rain forest facts: Every minute 2.000 rain forest trees are cut down - About half of the worlds animal species and plants inhabit seven percent of the world what we call rainforest - Hundreds of items we use every day come from the tropical rain forests. Here a short list of common items made from rain forest products. Rubber from the rubber trees used in tires, latex products, clothing, toys and gaskets. Rattan made from palm leaves and used for wicker baskets, furniture like armchairs or beds. Cacao Beans from cacao trees growing on cacao plantations and used for kakao, oil, chocolate and the nutritious cocoa butter. Kola or cola nuts, family of cocoa tree and used for soft drinks, what's in a name? Palm oils for cooking and also medicines for treatment of malaria, Hodgkins disease and cancer. Imagine what would life be without the rainforests!
In the forests, about a distance of miles, you may hear the howl of the Howler Monkey marking their territory. Howler Monkeys live in most of Costa Ricans forests.

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