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Casa Rio Blanco at Costa Rica

1 km South
of the Rio Blanco bridge

P.O. Box 241-7210
tel +506 2710 4124 or +506 8570 8294

e-mail: info@casarioblanco.com

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FULL DAY TOUR TO TORTUGUERO ($46,40 per person plus $6,00 car parking)

It is surprisingly easy to enjoy a full day tour from our lodge to Tortuguero with your own rental car. At 06.00 AM you leave the lodge after coffee or tea and drive in about 1 ¼ hour via Cariari to La Pavona.
We will give you a map how to drive or if you simply type ´Parqueo La Pavona´ in your GPS. You park your car for $6.00 and take the public boat: the Clic Clic (recommended) or the Bananero. The boat leaves at 07.30 AM and a one way ticket is CR Colones 1600 (= about $3,20) per person.
This boat ride is one hour and at 08.30 AM you will arrive in Tortuguero where our guide awaits you. There are several breakfast options in Tortuguero; bakeries with coffee or sodas/restaurants. Our english speaking guide will bring you in his motor/row boat to the small canals in the National Parc Tortuguero and give you an excellent tour with many ´Kodak´-moments.
This is very special because the bigger boats with many tourists are not allowed in the small canals and that is actually where most of the animals, mammals and birds live.

boat tour starting in Tortuguero

The boat tour is about 2 ½ to 3 hours and only costs $25,00 pp plus the $15,00 pp National Parc fee. About 12.00 PM you will be back in the village of Tortuguero and you will be on your own, maybe have some lunch in one of the many restaurants, check email in an internet place or just wander around a bit. Because you have of course your entry ticket of the National Parc Tortuguero you can also have a walk in the parc with or without or guide ( fyi: he will charge $10,00 pp for a 2 hour botanical hike). At 03.00 PM the same public boat leaves Tortuguero and arrives at 04.00 PM at La Pavona where your car is safely parked. You will be at our lodge again before dark at 05.15 PM after a wonderful day.

Place Time Action Price in US$
Casa Rio Blanco 6 am You leave the ecolodge after coffee or tea .....
La Pavona 7.15 am Park car and take the public boat at 07.30 $6 car + $3.20
Tortuguero 9.00 am Boat tour (2 ½ - 3 hours) through small canals $40 pp total
La Povona 4 pm Leave Tortuguero by public boat at 03.00 pm $3.20 pp boat
Casa Rio Blanco 5.15 pm Before dark back in your cabin after a nice day .....

Stayover in Tortuguero. If you decide to stay the night in Tortuguero and do not like to travel with all your luggage we offer storage in the ecolodge. This service is free of charge.

On the picture below (taken by Kitty when visiting us in June 2011) we see a female Sunbittern fishing in the Rio Blanco. Actually this bird is quite shy, so we are lucky to show this nice example.

sunbittern fishing in the Rio Blanco

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